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M - W: Closed;

AKA Max is brewing

Thurs: 4-10 PM;

Trivia Night and it’s free to play

Fri & Sat: 12-10 PM;

it’s a party

Sun: 12- 8 PM;

because, you know, #responsibilities

... but if you’re lucky, you may find us hanging around after hours too!

385 Main St Beacon, NY 12508

We love the Hazies

We definitely love our hazies, but we also love pilsner...and lager...and stouts....and sours.

Maybe we just love all things beer!

And for the craft beer non converts, we have wine, cider and non-alcoholic beverages for you too!

Pouring as of 6.14.24

PomegranAte Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer (5% ABV)

Our clean hard seltzer base and pomegranate. It’s delightful, ‘nuff ​said.

Don’t Call me A Pilsner

12* Czech Pale Lager (5.5% ABV)

Our Czech Pale Lager is naturally carbonated, unfiltered and ​absolutely delicious. We brewed this with Bohemian malts, the revered ​Czech Saaz and fermented it with our house lager strain. This is so ​good it may just end up being a year around staple!

Bougie on a Budget

TDH Hazy IPA (6.2% ABV)

We decided to only go with crazy named hops in this one. So a bunch ​of Anchovy (excuse me?), Elani (who?), El Dorado (I think my dad drove ​one of those, thats the car with pickup bed?). Add some Citra and ​Citra Lupomax and call it a day.

Step into the sun

Cold IPA (7% ABV)

What’s a Cold IPA you ask? It’s going to be super crushable, super ​crispy, but stronger than a lager. Rather than oats we use rice to get ​the beer super dry, and then our house lager yeast to keep a clean ​fermentation profile. Dry hopped with Simcoe, Nelson and Citra.

Billions or bodybags

TDH Hazy Double IPA (8% ABV)

#IYKYK In it to win it. Packed full of Citra, Citra Cryo, Elani and ​Nelson from our friends at Freestyle hops. Danky passionfruit on a ​soft blanket of pillowy goodness.

Get high scores

TDH Hazy Double IPA (8.3% ABV)

A base of Pils, Oats, Wheat and Chit Malt, fermented with our house ​hazy strain and then hit with multiple dry hops containing Citra, Citra ​Lupomax, Citra Spectrum and Motueka


TDH Hazy Double IPA (8% ABV)

For our anniversary edition of Drool Face Emoji, we changed up the ​malt bill a little bit and used a copious amount of both Freestyle Hops ​Riwaka and YCH Riwaka Cryo. Refreshing as all heck.


DDH Hazy Double IPA (8.5% ABV)

Our all Citra double IPA, double dry hopped with Citra and Citra Cryo. ​After being released only in cans this is the first time we have 10/10 ​on tap.

Fun Calories

TDH Hazy Double IPA (8% ABV)

A double version of our Sun Calories IPA. This is brewed with Pils, ​two kinds of Oats and Chit Malt. Dry hopped three times with a ​massive amount of Nectaron, Citra, Citra Cryo and Freestyle Nelson.

4-Packs Available

10/10 Would Drink Again w. Nelson - DDH Hazy (8.5% ABV)

Drool Face Emoji (Anniversary Edition) - TDH Hazy (8% ABV)

Villains or Bodybags - TDH Hazy (8% ABV)

Don’t Call Me a Pilsner - 12* Czech Pale Lager (5.5% ABV)

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other adult drinks

Red Sangria S​PRITZ

Hard Seltzer

Hard Seltzer Slushy


Fjord Vineyards Cab Franc

Fjord Vineyards Dry Riesling

Long Point Winery - Ciera Dry Rose

Drinks for everyone

Diet Coke

Mexican Coke



Stewart’s Root Beer


neapolitan 10" Pizza Pies




Glizzys ~ $4

All beef hotdog, potato roll, standard toppings. ​Embrace the glizzy.






Assorted Kettle Chips

It was all a dream...

Welcome to Pillow & Oats Brewing! A dream become reality, located in the heart of Beacon in the Hudson Valley area in NY. We’re Max and Maria and we are thrilled to leave a small footprint in the place our family calls “home”. Leaning on our love for really good beer, experience in brewing for many years, and exposure to breweries across the country and abroad, we hope to incorporate the best of all we’ve stumbled upon into one harmonious experience for you.

With meticulous attention to the brewing process, we aim to craft each beer to perfection. We also know that experience means everything. Our vision is to recreate the brewery experience so that it mirrors the culmination of only the best memories we’ve made at some of our favorite breweries, local and afar. Specializing in hazy IPA’s, you’ll also find a diverse selection on tap that speaks to our respect for the art of brewing.

At Pillow & Oats Brewing, we truly believe that great beer is best enjoyed in the company of friends, both old and new. We hope to create a place that offers just that — where connections are made, stories are shared, and laughter fills the air. Join us as we celebrate the simple pleasures of life, one pint at a time.

We look forward to raising a glass with you!

Cheers. Sláinte. Salud!

Max & Maria

What’s our vibe?

Our staff is our family, and our family is our staff. We lucked out and hired the best in the industry to pour for our esteemed patrons.

Sometimes, the founders, or their toddler, may be behind the bar pouring for you. It’s a family affair. It’s as simple as that.

Only good vibes allowed. If you’re feeling down, that’s ok too. We’re here for you!

We opened in May of 2023, so you could say we’re becoming a toddler. Reviews and feedback are extremely important, so share your thoughts with us. If you liked your experience, hit the googs, and review us. If you have feedback for us to work on, tell us, or email us at info@pillowandoats.com. Yes, we read emails !


Do you serve food?

Yes! We have pizzas, panini’s and hot dogs. We also have chips for the kiddos, or adults. We don’t judge!

Are you family friendly?

Yes! On occasion, you’ll see our toddler walking around. So she can call her crew, “you can call your crew, and we can rendezvous at the bar around 2".

Are you dog friendly?

While we are huge dog lovers and originally VERY dog friendly, we are now serving food and need to abide by the NY Department of Health and therefore cannot allow dogs in the brewery. But they are welcome at our outdoor tables (and in our hearts)!

What else should I know?

We have quite the range of games in our tap room. We also have fun merch for you to check out.

Faces you’ll see around

Max Keegan Headley

Owner, Brewer, and local Beaconite

(also father to toddler daughter, Maddox and senior “puppy”, Lucca)

Maria Belén


Silent Partner, Co-Founder & proud Latina

(also known as Max’s voice of reason and proud mom to Maddox and Lucca)

Our staff, AKA

“our family”

The people behind the bar, who we owe so much to. Alexa, Erik, John, Kaitlyn, and Tim

Stay in touch,

we like to make friends...

Contact Us

385 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

Tel: 315-651-2381


... it’s why we started a brewery

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